100% Free Education Platform where You Can “Build Your Very Own 6-Figure Online Business”

This is truly a completely FREE course and is a great starting point for all newbies and a great refresher for seasoned affiliate marketers.

What Is My Online Startup?
My Online Startup is a 100% free affiliate marketing training course that provides you with 50 free high-quality training videos, created by a long-time successful marketer named Chuck Nguyen.
In his course, Chuck is teaching all beginners from any walk of life, “how to build a sustainable business online”. Even without prior experience or a social media following the My Online Startup, (MOS) course is here to lead you in the right direction to success.
Above all, the training is done in a step by step fashion, which we think is beneficial for a beginner. Your first lesson begins with “How To Get Started”. My Online Startup is ​a good beginner-friendly training course.
39 Lessons in 8 modules:

Module 1: The Gameplan
Module 2: Success Mindset
Module 3: Affiliate Marketing
Module 4: Lead Generation
Module 5: Authority Platform
Module 6: YouTube Marketing
Module 7: Forum Marketing
Module 8: Targeted Solo Ads