How to earn money with your own online printing business

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What Is Printful And How Does It Work?
Printful is one of the most popular dropship service providers for people who want to sell accessories, homeware, and apparel. They print on hats, t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, posters, phone cases, throw pillows, and so much more.

Why Printful?

Starting a shop is easy because you don’t have to keep supplies or tools on hand.

Startup costs are lower because you don’t have to purchase tools or inventory to get started.

Turnaround times are good because Printful mails orders out around three days after they get an order.

There are no minimum purchase requirements. If you want to order one item, that’s just fine. If you need to put in a big order, that’s alright too.

There are no monthly fees.

If any item is lost or damaged between Printful and your customer, Printful will re-ship for free.

For people who have a brand logo, Printful has personalized branding options that will allow you to create custom packing slips or logo stickers to addon packages.

It really is no muss no fuss. You provide the order and payment to Printful, and then they supply the product, print the design, package and fulfill your request, and then ship directly to your customers.